Association of Licensed Adult Entertainment Venues Scotland

Human Trafficking & Migrant Worker Toolkit Download

The organisation, fully support the Scottish Government in its attempts to prevent harm, particularly in the areas of sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, human trafficking, prostitution, and organised crime.

Our organisations human trafficking toolkit has proved robust and effective in preventing any form of human trafficking within the lap dancing industry and could be easily adapted for other employers and their organisations working in different fields.

It has been the association’s aim to share our toolkit with other concerned employers since its introduction several years ago, we believe it to be an invaluable measure in the prevention of the organised crime of human trafficking.

The toolkit is available to all employers who may be concerned that they could potentially fall victim to the organised crime of human trafficking.

Please click here for the version that can be edited for your industry.

We remain as concerned as the Scottish Government about providing safe and secure working environments.

The association shall strive to continue delivering our exemplary record on all matters relating to potential harm within our industry and the safety of all staff members, customers, and the general public.